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komarpanth community talks ep1 part 1

Community Talk Ep 1 Part 1
By Dr. N. R. Nayak

About Komarpanth Community Talks

Komarpanth Community Talks was started on 1st January 2021. Our first recording of Komarpanth Community Talks was done on 11th April 2021.

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We are using our own funds for video recording, Video Editing, Transportation and other expenses.

Details of the speaker/guest

We share the details of the speaker or guest based on the privacy policy we have agreed with the guest/speaker. However if you need any details about the topic or speaker you can write to us at kshatriyakomarpanth@gmail.com and this can be shared based of agreeness of the guest/speaker and depending upon the purpose of the contact. Sharing of private/personal information about the speaker or guest in the video goes against our privacy policy.


We are exploring about our community by contacting various resource people across the country and elders of our community it is difficult to translate dub video in different languages. However we are putting our full efforts to put subtitle in english in the YouTube with our limites set of resources and people.