How we evaluate Achievements?

Presently we have 2 categories in achievements on our website. This category will be increased based of our internal assessment and requirements.

1. Achievements towards the welfare of our Samaj.
2. Children's Career Achievements.

Note: The second category Children’s career achievements are for Children above 5 years and below 12 years only.

1. Achievements towards the welfare of our community.

Should belong to the Kshatriya Komarpanth / Komarpant community and should meet the below criteria.
Should have served our community in any of the below forms.

i. Contributed in an exceptional way for the better of our Samaj and Community as a whole, without any profit motive.
ii. Have found unknown facts and evidences regarding the history of our community.
iii. Is the sole person and creator of article, drama. Provided this has not been copied from any sources.
iv. Other achievements like serving other society, donation in any forms and others apart from political will be just added in about person and will not be considered as main achievements for Kshatriya Komarpanth Samaj (Community) as point number i, ii or iii.

Note: Political achievements or any political leadership, or serving community from political fund or support, for individual political progress, will not be considered. We are also planning to publish individual achievements (Non Kshatriya Komarpanth Samaj related) once our internal team approves it and make policies and criteria for the same.

2. Children's career achievements.

1. Children should belong to the Kshatriya Komarpanth / Komarpant community.
2. Achievements in any field at State, National or International Levels.
3. Prizes secured in Science Events.
4. Prizes secured in Cultural events at Taluk, District, State, National or International Level.

Note: Our policy and criteria is subject to change, which will be updated on the website time to time.