Kshatriya Komarpant Samaj, Vasco block in association with Shri Sharadamba Krupa Komarpant Charitable Trust organized Vanamahotsav at Bharat Nagar Colony near MES College on Sunday 13th June, 2021 at 09:30 hrs. Chief Guest for the function Smt Sunita Naik, President,KKS Vasco block inaugurated by planting mango sapling in the presence of all the members. She said that, she will personally take care of all sapling planted today so that it will grow and give green environment, fresh oxygen and flowers, fruits to the residents.
Shri Rajaram Naik, Secretary KKS Vasco block & Charitable Trust welcomed the members present. He explained importance of tree planting. He also informed that we organizes tree planting every year and taking care of plant till they grow.
Each member brought one or two saplings of Neem, Gwava, Chicku, Papapya, Mango, Pomegranate, Awla, Kokum, etc approximately 25 to 30 saplings were planted. For this noble programme some residents of Bharat Nagar Colony also joined and supported.

The following members participated with great zeal
1. Smt Sunita Naik
2) Rajaram Naik
(3) Arun Naik
(4) Aravind Malsekar
(5) Ashok Naik
(6)Bhalchandra Naik
(7) Smt Reshma Naik
(8) Pramod Naik
(9) Roja Naik
(10) Rajat Naik
(11) Nitesh Naik
(12) Nita Naik
(13) Prakash Naik
(14) Pranita Naik
(15) Sham Kheture
(16) Prashant Naik
(17) Shashikant Naik
(18) Asmita Naik
(19) Anurag Naik

Shri Arun Naik, Secretary KKS Goa, proposed vote of Thank.

Shri H.L.Naik, ex.President of Vasco block though he could not attend tree plantation due to Covid SOP he sent two saplings. I thank all the participants for their enthusiasm, hard work support for the success of Vanamahotsav 2021. Thanks to Trustees for their moral support.

With regards Rajararam Naik,
Secretary KKS Vasco block and Charitable Trust.